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The Mill Bakery Tradition Print

The Mill Bakery is a retail Danish and Mexican style bakery established in 1987.

Formely Viebeck's Bakery, this accredited business was bought by 2 families of mexican descent and has been successfully managed by Gustavo Barcenas Cabrera.

Gustavo has always strived for exceptional quality and flavor which are the ingredients of success of a unique vaiety that includes scones, coffeecakes, creampuffs, eclairs and the best conchas in town.

Cakes are delicious and beautiful for weddings and birthdays being the customer's favorite the one's with strawberry filling.

The Mill Bakery has become a tradition to many families that live nearby and come everyday for that special treat and coffee for breakfast.

Come to The Mill Bakery for a unique experience!


 I've been a customer of Mill bakery for many years!! My Mother used to take me for a treat every week, while I was in elementary school. The bakery bakes everything from scratch! Red more

Qualtiy Products

Ham Croissant Sandwich
Freshly made!
Vanilla Concha
Baked Daily!
Strawberry Parfait
Orange Juice


birthday cakeFind a great selection for the most varied themes posssible. We take pride in the way our cakes look and taste.


muffins and pound cakesArtfulness and tradition are blended with exquisite flavor in our daily baked sweet goods. Try them satisfaction guaranteed!


assorted pastriesWe offer a full range or baked goods including cakes, breads, cookies, cupcakes, and many other goodies.

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